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Hii welcome and thank you for visiting my pink little corner on the internet! ♡ All information about me & my work can be found here! ✧˖°. Feel free to click around and explore! 🖤 If you need something from me please don't hesitate to contact me!

04/02 working on commissions!

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hii 🖤 i'm lynn, i'm a creepy-cute artist based in Chile! i'm doing my best to pursue my dreams while expressing myself through the art i create!!

i've been doing art as my full time job for almost 6 years now but my biggest dream is to become a comic artist & share my stories with the world! 🖤 i'd love to offer my comics in a physical format someday but sharing them on internet is more than enough for me!!

My work


character design

digital art

Art Boundaries

✦ fanarts: yes! i'd appreciate if you keep it sfw only please!! :')

✦ tagging: yes :D

✦ reposts: if you're a commissioner and would like to repost the piece that i did for you, then that's ok!

✦ using as pfp: only commissioners

Personal Info

✦ birthday: april 29

✦ favorite color: definitely not pink (i'm lying)

✦ languages i speak: english / spanish

✦ some random facts: i'm a extremely shy and anxious person i'm pan & demisexual i love spooky stuff but i'm terrified of horror movies i'm vegan i love tattoos/piercings and i'm passionate about alt fashion :D

Things I Love

metal romance anime & manga guinea pigs the color pink cinnamon rolls veggies all things spooky and cute


✦ music: HIM, VV, unlucky morpheus, kamelot, jinjer, evanescence

✦ anime / manga: NANA, clannad, serial experiments lain, paranoia agent

✦ games: fran bow, little misfortune, dead by daylight, age of empires 2, stardew valley

✦ foods: sushi, pizza, cinnamon rolls (all vegan versions)


i love making new online friends but i'm really bad at small talk & at answering dms not related to work :( i'm so sorry! but i still love talking to everyone >.< ♡


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Welcome to my blog!
This is a place where you can find updates about my current/future projects, as well as some of my thoughts & feelings ♡
Got the tablet!!! ♡
I forgot to share an update when it happened but i finally ordered my new screen tablet!!! i'm so so happy and excited for this, it feels like a dream come true :') i've ordered it a few days ago and the store says it will take around 10 to 20 days until it arrives to my country, so i'm hoping it will get here near my birthday as i was planning >< aaaaa ♡♡♡ i cant wait!!
posted on april 15, 2024. 10:26 PM
Hoping to get a new tablet this month!
I've been trying to get a new tablet for SO LONG but there's something that always happens at the last minute that ruins it all for me ;v; but i have hope this time!! Depending on how this month goes and if there's no inconveniences this time, maybe... JUST MAYBE i will be able to get a much needed screen tablet to work :') so my poor old samsung tab can finally rest for good. And with that maybe even start doing art streams and videos like i've been wanting to do for ages!!! Everything depends on what happens during April. Fingers crossed & hoping for the best this time!! >< It would be literally the perfect timing since this is also my birthday month heheh :')
posted on april 2, 2024. 2:26 AM
♡ Overwhelming happiness ♡
Writing this after receiving my new website today made by the extremely talented arunyi! I wish i could explain with words how happy & grateful i feel right now :') having the site of my dreams done by one of my favorite artists of all time is truly an honour!! (i've been following arunyi for literally years, before even having the "arunyi" username) ♡ this was literally my first time ever commissioning someone and i enjoyed every bit of it! I have to admit that i feel kinda sad for the fact that the commission & the whole experience is over, since i enjoyed it so much, but now i have this new website and the result of many many hours of work to treasure forever ♡♡♡♡ literally the best first commission experience ever!!! i cannot wait to come back for more :')
posted on march 15, 2024. 2:29 PM

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Vertigo Eyes - VV

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(𝔩𝔞𝔰𝔱 𝔱𝔦𝔪𝔢 𝔲𝔭𝔡𝔞𝔱𝔢𝔡 02/25/24)


You can join my waitlist on vgen to reserve a spot for my next opening!

By purchasing an adopt from me i assume you've read and agreeded my rules and terms, so please read them carefully before you buy a design from me! Thank you ♡

♡ General Rules:

  • All adoptables and designs made by me are for PERSONAL USE unless stated otherwise. That means the design you'll receive won't generate any kind of profit to you and is something you wish to have for personal enjoyment only!

  • Commercial usage can be discussed but additional charges may apply if so! (unless stated otherwise).

  • After buying, i'll send you the full resolution artwork of the adoptable, a transparent file, and a smaller version of it with a simple background in case you want to post it online.

  • The character belongs to you only after sending the full payment!

  • You must credit me for the design!

  • You can't claim the design of the adoptable or the artwork i made as your own!

  • You can give to the adopt a name, personality, gender, pronouns, you can change their clothes a little (but if you have to change too much/everyhing maybe you should get another adopt instead)

  • HOWEVER: if you'd like to make changes to the character, please make them by adding notes, or by making a new drawing of the character on your own. Please do not edit my original artwork.

  • For personal use adopts: You can use them for a story, for an avatar, for a rp story, ect. as long as is for personal use!

  • For commercial use adopts: Using the design for vtubing/streaming on monetized platforms is allowed.

  • You can resell the adoptable in case you don't want it anymore, but only for the SAME PRICE or less of what you paid for it, no more! You'll still have to credit me as the original creator, as well as refering the new owner to this page so they can read the terms.

  • If you decide to resell it, please notify me about who are you selling it to, so i can know who is the new owner!

  • If i lose track of the design/adopt or if i'm not notified about the new owner, you will be blacklisted

  • I do not offer refunds for adoptables. Please only buy it if you really want it. If you don't want it anymore, you can resell it or gift it to a friend! (please notify me about the new owner if you do so!!)

  • If you receive the character as a gift, the character can only be giftable again, you can't trade it or resell it if you haven't spent money on it!

  • Do not use the artwork as a tattoo design for you or for anybody else.

  • NOTE: Nothing made by me may be used for A.I or in any blockchain-related technology, to include NFTs, AI services, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space. My art should not be used for NFTs under any circumstance. I do not support them and they are not allowed.

♡ Rules for Auctions:

  • Commercial rights for vtubing is included in the price, unless stated otherwise.

  • The auction ends in 24 hours after last bid.

  • Bid in chain & reply to the last bidder please!

  • Please don't delete comments until the auction is over

  • Messaging or intimidating other bidders will result in being blocked/blacklisted

  • Don't bid if you're not sure that you'll be able to pay!

  • You can ask for slight changes on the design

  • Cancelling a winning bid will result in being blocked/blacklisted.

  • Please send me a dm on twitter or an email with your references and tell me what do you want me to draw for you! You can provide me details such as the facial expression you'd want, the pose, the background or anything else i'd should know.

  • If i'm open for commissions: i'll answer you as soon as i can to let you know if i can accept your order so we can work together!

  • On the other hand, if my commission status says "closed": i may not be able to accept your order immediately. I usually open a limited amount of spots once a month or every two months, so: if my commissions status says "closed" but you want me to add you to a waitlist or remind you for my next opening, just let me know! ♡

♱ After accepting your request ♱ :

  • I'll ask you to do the payment & place the order through my ko-fi commissions tab to secure your spot. I work on "first come, first serve" modality, so if you need more time to place the order please let me know about it.

  • Once i receive your order and the payment is complete, you'll be added to my public queue and i will start working on your piece as soon as possible.

  • You'll be notified about the commission progress, so i will be contacting you again once i start sketching the artwork (you can also check the trello/queue to see the status of your order).

  • If you have any questions about the piece, you're welcome to reach out to me anytime! ♡♡♡

˗ˏˋ ♡ in progress... ♡ ˎˊ˗

˗ˏˋ ♡ By buying a commission from me i assume you've agreeded the terms that i wrote in here so please make sure to read them carefully before you order something. Thank you! ♡ ˎˊ˗

♱ General info ♱ :

  • All commissions are for PERSONAL USE only: That means the drawing you will receive won't generate any kind of profit to you, and is something you wish to have for personal enjoyment only!

  • You may not use the artwork for commercial purposes unless we have come to an agreement for commercial usage. Additional charges will apply if so.

  • All commissions will be done in my own style (creepy-cute/spooky/dark) and only in white, black and pink. Please don't ask me to draw in another style and/or use a different color palette

  • I'll create my own interpretation of your idea, therefore artistic freedom & aesthetic modifications will be made to fit my art style (spooky and cute). Expect for something similar to the artworks i show in the examples or my social media!!

  • I'll send you the full resolution artwork and a copy with a smaller resolution (the same one I'll post on social media) via email, but my signature will be on both!

  • If you desire to re-upload the artwork anywhere else, you can totally do that!! I would appreciate if you only did so using the smaller one and never the big file. (This is to prevent your artwork being stolen by some of the evil art thieves out there)

  • Please don't rush me, drawing takes time!

  • I won't accept written references. You will have to send me reference pictures so i can begin the artwork. Please make sure that the images are clear so i can understand them correctly and give you the best result possible!!

  • Keep in mind that I do not offer character design services in this commissions, I will only make artworks of already existing characters.. Therefore, if you send me a bunch of images so i can design you a brand new character with them or to redesign your character, i reserve the right to reject the commission. If you want me to make subtle changes to an already existing character of yours i can totally do that!

  • Do not use my artistic interpretation of your character as your new character design. I do not offer character design services in these commissions, therefore all the new accesories and aesthetic modifications i create for your commission are just for personal use/enjoyment only! (If you want to use my "redesign" & all the modifications i made on your character as your new official character design, please let me know about it first so we can discuss what we can do)

  • Do not use this commission as a tattoo design for you or anybody else

  • Once the sketch is approved, the drawing will not be changed

  • Once the artwork is complete, any mistakes made on my behalf (e.g. misread description, missed a detail, etc) will be corrected for free. On the other hand, if the mistake happened because of insufficient information or you forgot to mention something to me when I accepted your commission then i will not make any changes to the artwork

  • Please DO NOT edit the artwork i'll make for you. I don't feel comfortable with people editing or altering my work in any shape or form: such as changing the colors of the piece, removing the modifications i've added, ect. You're commissioning me to get my own artistic vision of your character, so if you don't like the color palette i use or my style maybe i'm not the artist you're looking for.

  • If you want me to change something AFTER i finished the artwork (e.g., clothes, skin, pose setting) that will be charged extra. Please make sure that the initial description is accurate!

  • If I haven't started your commission, you can ask to change your character or update your reference(s) at any time!

  • I reserve the right to reject any commission if I don't feel like drawing it or you have been proved troublesome in any way

  • If I'm not comfortable doing your commission, I will refund it before starting the drawing process and inform you through your provided twitter/instagram/email.

  • Please note english is not my native language so try to spell everything well and avoid using too much abbreviations so I can understand you easily!

  • Nothing made by me may be used in A.I or any blockchain-related technology, to include NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space. My art, commissioned or not, should not be used for NFTs under any circumstance. I do not support them and they are not allowed.

♱ Payment ♱ :

  • Full payment goes upfront through my ko-fi's commissions tab, unless stated otherwise. (Ko-fi accepts paypal as well!)

  • Finished commissions may be posted on my twitter/ko-fi. If you don't want your commission posted anywhere on the internet i'll charge an extra 20% fee of the total price

  • Refunds are only available if i haven't started your piece yet, otherwise they're not allowed

  • PAYMENT PLANS can be discussed for orders above $100 USD, just let me know if you need it!

  • If we use this method please note that I'll only start drawing your commission as soon as the 100% of the payment is completed!

♱ Waiting time ♱ :

from 2 to 4 months, starting from the day you ordered the piece

  • All commissions are done in "first come, first serve" modality, so i always work on each order starting from the people who bought first & have waited the most in my queue! So if i haven't started your commission is only because i'm still working on previous orders!!

  • If I need more time to finish an artwork, I'll let you know immediately!!

  • If you need the artwork to be finished in a certain date (deadline), you can pay a PRIORITY fee so i can finish your piece faster!! Keep in mind that there's a chance that I WON'T be able to accept this option if the deadline it's too close from the day you ordered from me, so please dm me first to discuss the details of the deadline to see if i can really make it to that date goal!

  • Always keep in mind that drawing takes time & i will always try to draw as fast as humanly possible!!

  • You can always check my public queue to see the status of your commission!

♱ What i draw ♱ :

  • humans/characters of any gender

  • your OCs

  • fanart (games/anime/other)

  • suggestive art (NO underage)

  • any body type

  • couples of any gender

  • animal features (ears, tail, horns, wings,...)

  • and basically anything that's not listed on "What I won't draw" (please ask first).

♱ What won't draw ♱ :

  • characters with no nose

  • full nudity / nsfw

  • fetishes, hate art, political stuff

  • extreme gore

  • violence

♱ Extra Fees ♱ :

  • Complex characters/designs have an extra cost. Prices varies depending on the type of commission.

♡ What counts as complexity? ♡
Complexity counts for characters with mechanical parts, extremely long hair, extremely detailed clothing, tattoos, scales, pets, with tons of accesories and/or piercings. If you're not sure if your characters is considered complex please ask me first!

♱ Bust sketch ♱ : $65 USD
(+ $15 for complex characters)

colored sketch from bust up
simple background only! expect for something similar to the examples showed at the right!

♱ Halfbody sketch ♱ : $125 USD
(+ $35 for complex characters)

colored sketch from knees up
simple background only! expect for something similar to the examples showed at the right!

♱ Halfbody sketch ♱ : $125 USD
(+ $35 for complex characters)

colored sketch from knees up
simple background only! expect for something similar to the examples showed at the right!

˗ˏˋ ♡ Please keep in mind that all my commissions are done ONLY using a black, white and pink color palette ♡ Expect something similar to all the examples showed above, just in case that's not what you're looking for! ♡ˎˊ˗